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851 William and his brother Adam were among the first piano manufacturers in this country. BENT, William (I5576)
852 William and Sarah had, in addition to William, six other children: Joshua, robert, Tamoson, Deborah, Sara and Elizabeth. Family F1355
853 William and Sarah Sargent were of Barnstable, MA. Family F1848
854 William and Susannah had, in addition to Susannah, had eight children: William, susannah, Phebe, Sarah, Hannah, Martha, Samuel and Benjamin. Family F1701
855 William Chandler was school master at Tofford. GILLETT, William (I4727)
856 William died at age 53. (Marmo data.) SILVERTHORN, William (I465)
857 William died at age 62. (Marmo data.) SILVERTHORN, William (I450)
858 William died at age 88. (Marmo data.) PARTRICHE, William (I470)
859 William executed his will 16 Apr 1660. BURNELL, William (I5228)
860 William Fiske, the Elder, of Laxfield, made his will 6 Mar 1462/3. FISKE, William (I5309)
861 William Oakes "of Ipswich, [was] a very distinguished botanist, who was born in Danvers July 1, 1799; graduated at Harvard College in 1820 . . . . See an obituary notice in American Journal of Science and Arts, vol. 7 (Second Series), p. 138." OAKES, William (I3904)
862 William was "of 'Pulling Point,' Boston (i.e., Pullen Point, now part of Winthrop) . . . ." BURNELL, William (I5228)
863 William was "yeoman, of Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon County. . . ." (Oliver Silverthorn's Descendents, Vol 52) SILVERTHORN, William (I863)
864 William was baptised in the First Church of Falmouth on 10 Jun 1733. RIDEOUT, William R (I1447)
865 William"came from England with wife Elizabeth, and subsequently removed to New London." Family F967
866 William's birth is 1720 per Comstock Book, and 1708 per Korstange website. COMSTOCK, William5 (I2363)
867 William's will dated 25 Jun 1653. THURTON, William (I5265)
868 Wing Roger "from Mansfield, Mass., about the year 1770, settled where J. E Nichols now lives. . . . He was doubtless one of the most wealthy men of his times. He was a birthright member of the Quaker Society, and one of the founders of the church in this town. . . . In 1800 he removed to Ferrisburg , VT, where he died well advanced in years." (Danby Book, p 235-36)

Wing's listed dob and dod were taken from the Wing Website. 
ROGERS, Wing (I1121)
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SCHAECHTER, Anne (I5907)

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