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251 "[W]ill was proved at Laxfield by Katherine, his widow, and by his son John, The Younger, 26 Feb 1463/4." FISKE, Simon (I4669)
252 26: 9: 1683 FISKE, Sarah (I3198)
253 A "Mary Ingersol" is listed as having been "admitted to full communion" of the First Church in Falmouth (now Portland) ME on 14 Sep 1729. Subsequently, a "Mary Ridout" (nee Ingersoll ??) is listed as having "acknowledged the covenant" on 4 Jul 1730, and admitted to full communion in 1734. INGERSOLL, Mary Hunt (I1479)
254 A lawyer in Boston. OTIS, Barney (I3061)
255 A town Selectman in 1870 RIDEOUT, Joshua (I1536)
256 Aaron and Beulah had six childen: Elizabeth, Mary, Shubael, Moses, Nathan and Aaron. Family F1648
257 Abigail lived in Marshfield, about five miles from Pembroke. (Ben Parris GenForum Post # 1378, dated 11/8/2003.) ROGERS, Abigail (I56)
258 About Ancestral File:
Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records submitted to the Family History Department since 1978. The information has not been verified against any official records.  
Source (S122)
259 Abraham removed to Maine, married and died there. POPE, Abraham Gould (I3916)
260 According to the data in the "Stewart Family File" (RootsWeb), Emma full name is "Sarah Emma Shotts." However, the Application for Marriage (16 Mar 1887) is in the name of "Emma Shutt" whose residence is Kirkimmetus (?) Twp, in Armstrong Co, PA. SHUTT, Sarah Emma (I15)
261 Adam and his brother were among the first piano manufacturers in this country. BENT, Adam (I5577)
262 Addison was living in Geneseo in Jul 1853.  SMITH, Addison (I1176)
263 Adelaide was from Peru, NY (Danby Book, p 221) JONES, Adelaide (I298)
264 Administration on his estate "granted to his son Benjamin April 13, 1702." POPE, Benjamin (I3340)
265 Admitted to the bar 1846, and is s. at Boston, counsellor and attorney at law. OTIS, Edmund Burke (I3062)
266 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2933)
267 aka Sherman. SHEARMAN, Nicholas (I2355)
268 Albion "m. Sarah Whitman and lived in Portland. He was the 2d Comptroller of the U.S. Treasury at Washington D.C. in 1836."  PARRIS, Albion Keith (I419)
269 Alexander "was a Scotch-Irish immigrant from Northern Ireland." (Judy Weaver Website) REA, Alexander (I537)
270 Alice was "administratrix of her brother John's estate in 1594, being then unm." HATCH, Alice (I4916)
271 Also spelled Leviah and Leinah. Zerviah is biblical so is likely correct. RIDEOUT, Zeruiah (I1574)
272 Alvin was "sometime governor of Nebraska Territory and U.S. Senator from Iowa." (The McCrackens of Mount Bethel, p. 264) SAUNDERS, Alvin (I915)
273 Alvin was the 6th generation of Smith family on the homestead in Danby, VT. (Family History, Ten Generations Betty T Ross) SMITH, Alvin (I1306)
274 Amos and Anne lived at Custridge Hall, parish of Weeley, County Essex, England. FISHER, Amos (I3496)
275 Amos and Margaret had at least six children. Family F2049
276 Anastace died at age 52. (Marmo data.) MARTYN, Anastace (Anstance) (I451)
277 And he was a shipbuilder at Scituate. HATCH, Jeremiah (I2189)
278 Ann died aged 77 exactly. (The McCrackens of Mount Bethel, p. 263) REA, Ann (I524)
279 Ann was a member of the Warrens of Plymouth Plantation. WARREN, Ann (I3083)
280 Anne "was probably the Anne who was named in the will of her mother-in-law . . . as one of the four sons' wives to whom the testatri bequeathed 40d. each." Anne (Annes, Agnes) (I4760)
281 Anne and Francis moved from England to Massachusetts in 1637 and settled at Dedham, where he was ensign, selectman, and deputy. FISKE, Anne (I3144)
282 Anne died at age 47. (Marmo data.) SAUCER, Anne (I494)
283 Anne died on a voyage to New England. LAWTER, Anne (I4725)
284 Anne was admitted to the First Church of Dedham on 29 Dec 1639. FISKE, Anne (I3144)
285 Anne's marriage date has also been given as 3 Nov 1659. Family F1260
286 Another dob indicates 12 Aug 1818. (Joshua Palmerton Website posting.) PALMERTON, Lydia (I2419)
287 Anthony "came to New England with his first wife Mary and children, probably from Yarmouth in the ship Rose, arriving in Boston, June 26, 1637, and settled in Dedham. He subscribed to the Dedham covenant, July 18, 1637. Jan. 1, 1638, he was one of the committee 'Choesen to contriue the Fabricke of a Meetinghouse to be in length 36 Foote & 20 . . . ." On July 28, 1638, he was assigned his houselot of twelve acres.

Anthony "was not 'comfortably received into ye [Dedham] church,' 'on account of his proud and haughty spirit,' until March 14, 1645. He was made a freeman, May, 1645; was chosen Selectman of Dedham ('to act in town affaires') in 1646 and 1647, County Commissioner Sept. 3, 1660, and a Deputy to the General Court, May 2, 1649; was Woodreeve in 1653, 1654, 1655, 1657, 1658, 1661 and 1662." 
FISHER, Anthony Jr. (I3495)
288 Anthony died at age 72. (Marmo data.) SILVERTHORN, Anthony (I442)
289 Anthony died at age 79. (Marmo data.) SILVERTHORN, Anthony (I444)
290 Asaph "moved to Ashford, Connecticut, before 1749 and was a farmer there." SMITH, Asaph (I3292)
291 Ashbel "was one of the twelve men who went from Connecticut in the spring of 1790 and settled in Madison Co., N.Y., where he lived forty-five years. From 10 Sept., 1832, to the time of his death he resided in Adams Center, N.Y. . . . He was a member of the Presbyterian Church in Bridgewater." (Kellogg Book, pp. 221-22) KELLOGG, Ashbel (I924)
292 Ashbel lived in New Hartford, Conn. (Kellogg Book, p. 111) KELLOGG, Ashbel (I945)
293 Augustus married Anna Bartlett and settled in Ferrisburg, where he died. (Danby Book, p 236.) ROGERS, Augustus (I1383)
294 Avise died at age 57. (Marmo data.) HOBBES, Avise (I477)
295 Bachelor and Joanna had four children: Ebenezer, Sylvanus, Thankful and Mary. Family F1652
296 Baptized at First Church as adult. POPE, Abigail (I3427)
297 Barak settled in Collins, NY, and moved from there to Iowa. (Family History, Ten Generations) SMITH, Barak (I210)
298 Bemus Point Cemetery, Chautauqua, NY has a Joseph Sherman b. 13 Jan 1796 d. 12 Dec 1852
SHERMAN, Joseph L. (I2356)
299 Benjamin "never married & died in the expedition to Canada AD 1690. . . ." GANNETT, Benjamin (I3928)
300 Benjamin "was a member of the company of Captain John Jacob,of Hingham, in King Philip's war, and was doubtless on duty at Medfield in February 1676-7, when the Indians wrought havoc among the homes of his uncles." WIGHT, Benjamin (I5716)

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