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Matches 151 to 200 of 869

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151 Stephen was a student at St John's College, Oxford, graduating in with a BA on 3 Feb 1585-6. He emigrated from London to New England with his family in1632. "Probably he was the minister who dissented from the order of banishment of Roger williams in October 1632, as it is known that his opinions agreed with those of Williams, and no minister of the twelve churches possessed his courage in maintaining and advancing unpopular opinions." Stephen BACHILER (BATCHELDER, BATCHILLER)
152 Mary was from Granville, NY. (Danby Book, p. 263) Mary BAKER
153 Made a freeman in 1654. Thomas BATTELLE
154 "Adm was granted on his estate June 30, 1715." William BEAN
155 NOTE to self: Is this Wm Beane one of the others in this database? William BEANE
156 One researcher has Elizabeth's last name as "Pearl." Elizabeth BEARL
157 Adam and his brother were among the first piano manufacturers in this country. Adam BENT
158 Charles was the founder of the firm of Bent & Bush, Boston, MA. Charles BENT
159 Ebenezer and Deborah had, In addition to son Ebenezer, eight other children: Eleanor, Samuel, Nedabiah, Mary, John, Deborah, Sarah and Elizabeth. Ebenezer BENT
160 William and his brother Adam were among the first piano manufacturers in this country. William BENT
161 Martha was Joseph's first wife; Lucy his second. (Internet Posting #5237 by Bill LaBach.) Martha BERKLEY
162 Gertrude and her family were from Berlin Germany. Gertrude BIEHL
163 Ebenezer was from Pembroke. (Danby Book, p 223) Ebenezer BONNEY
164 Mary was a widow when she married Moses. (Danby book, p 223) Mary BOSWORTH
165 "He was reared on the farm and attended the district school until 18 years of age and later spent two winters in attendance at the Chamberlin Institute at Randolph, NY. For a number of years he followed the carpenter trade and in April 1875, came to Crawford county, first settling at Westside.

"On April 3, 1879, he was united in marriage to Miss Lucy Ann Lyman, the wedding ceremony being performed at the home of her sister in Logan. The couple soon moved to a farm between Westside and VAil and it was here that their three children were born, Lyman Bowen of Warm Springs, Mont., and Mildred and Alfred, both at home.

"[I]n the spring of 1898 [Mr. Bowen] moved to Denison and went into the wagon repairing business for five years, after which he again took up the carpenter trade, retiring in 1925. Mrs. Bowen died in 1915 and he has since made his home with his son Alfred and his daughter Mildred." (Obituary of Alfred H. Bowen, 8 Jun 1933, Denison, Iowa newspaper.) 
Alfred Henry BOWEN
166 "Several Children." (Bowen Family Tree, p. 1) Dacia BOWEN
167 In "Ancestors of Augusta Bowen," Craig Davis has her name as "Louisa." Lovicia BOWEN
168 "Unmarried." (Bowen Family Tree) Mildred BOWEN
169 "Richard Bowen, the first immigrant from Wales was listed as a Proprietor and Freeman. He was a Selectman at Rehoboth, Mass. in 1644 and Depute in 1651; Town clerk 1654-58 and Deputy to Plymouth General Court from Rehoboth, Mass., 1651. We learn he had two sons . . . " Richard BOWEN
170 "[T]he proper spelling of my borhter's name is 'Zuing'". (Letter to Nina Taylor from Alfred Bowen Jr., dated 30 July 1950, from Denison, Iowa. DER has the original copy of the letter.)

"Unmarried." (Bowen Family Tree) 
171 "Intestate probate granted to widow, Sandwich, PC."  John BRIGGS
172 "John Briggs was first mentioned by Governor Bradford in his Plymouth Colony Records when he was deeded, on 16 April 1640, seven and one half acres of land at Sandwich with the original proprietors of the township." John BRIGGS
173 "On 1 June 1641 at the General Court of Plymouth his widow was granted the administration of his estate."  John BRIGGS
174 "No will was recorded by either Samuel Briggs or his wife and the dates of their deaths are unknown." Samuel BRIGGS
175 Samuel received various parcels of real property, some of which he granted to others, including "my 1/2 share of lands at Sepican [sic - Seppican]" to John Wing, Sr., in 1681. Samuel BRIGGS
176 Walter's will was dated 16 Jan 1676/7, and proved 4 Jun 1684. Walter BRIGGS
177 Living in 1869. (Family History, Ten Generations) Rachel BROWN
178 "Unmarried." (Bowen Family Tree) Mary Lou BUE
179 Known as Thomas Bovanton. Thomas BUFFINGTON
180 "Benjamin was a blacksmith . . . . He was a freeman in RI on 5 Mar 1741 and was a Quaker. He resided in Salem and moved to Smithfield, RI in 1639."

"The Buffums were men and women of great courage, who took part in the government, ran the gristmills, farms, and some were banker. They were Quakers in those days, although no evidence has been found that Robert, the pioneer was one." 
Benjamin BUFFUM
181 "Caleb in his will which was made in January, 1730 and proved the next month . . . is called a Husbandman but it is evident he worked at Carpentry as he built the house he lived in if not others and I have seen several articles such as chests, etc which he made.
. . . .
"At this time those who were accused of witchcraft in the neighboring Towns were summoned to Salem to be tried. They ofter arrived late in the afternoon and so great was the fear and prejudice against them that but few would take them into their houses. Caleb entertained as many as could find room for . . . .
. . . .
"He strongly opposed the witchcraft delusion and rendered all the help in his power to the sufferers, especially in assisting the relations to give those who were hung decent burial which was done by stealth and at night. His land bordering on the North river, gave him great facilities in this respect. He is said to have made coffins and carried them down to the river by night as well as assisted in bringing the bodies from the hill where they were hung."
. . . .
"In 1718 Caleb Buffum gave to the Quaker Society the lot of land on Essex Street now used as a burial ground . . . ." 
182 "Peace Buffum and her brother, Caleb Buffum, both of whom never married, lived together until his death. They adopted their grandnephew, Caleb7 Buffum, at the age of 3, thus in about 1819. They also took Pamela Stocker, age 10, who died age 50." Caleb BUFFUM
183 Caleb "was one of the grantees of the Quaker Meeting House lot Oct 13, 1690." Caleb BUFFUM
184 He moved to Newport, RI. Caleb BUFFUM
185 Will dated 8 sep 1781. Damaris BUFFUM
186 "Deborah was afterwards prosecuted several times as a 'turbulent Quaker' until finally she was arrested for 'frequently absenting herself from the public ordinances' the magistrate in despair concluded that she was a hopeless ase and dismissed the proceedings because 'she is disturbed in her head.'" Deborah BUFFUM
187 "Deborah, daughter of Mrs. Tamison Buffum, and wife of Robert Wilson, was young, very modest and retiring. In June, 1662, she felt constrained to go through the town naked as a sign of the bareness of the religion of the church. She had gone through only a portion of the town before she was arrested, and the court record says that she, for 'her barbarous and unhuman going naked through the Town,' is 'sentenced to be tied a a Carts tail with her body naked downward to her waist, and whipped from Mr. Gidney's gate till she come to her own house, not exceeding thirty stripes, and her mother Buffum and her sister Smith, that were abetted to her, etc., to be tied on either side of her, at the carts tail naked to their shifts to the waist, and accompany her.'" Deborah BUFFUM
188 "His will dated Dec. 10, 1760, was probated Feb 22, 1762." Joshua BUFFUM
189 "It seems that the baptism of Joshua and subsequently of Mary Buffum were registered at both Great Yarmouth [St Nicholas, Norfolk] in1635 and 1637 respectively and also entered in the registers of Salem, Massachusetts." Joshua BUFFUM
190 "It was in 1743 that Joshua accompanied his father-in-law to North Berwick, Maine and resided there for the rest of his life."

"It was proposed in 1934 that a Buffum family organization be formed with the primary objet of acquiring the old homestead at North Berwick, of preserving it as one of the few typical colonial farmhouses left in New England and of using it as a place to which the family may go . . ."
191 "Joshua Buffum was a cordwainer, mariner, fisherman and lived in Salem, Mass., and removed to Berwick, Maine." Joshua BUFFUM
192 "The first Quaker Meeting in New England was held at the home of Joshua Buffum. There are many accountings of Joshua Buffum in the early court records of Salem . . . . "  Joshua BUFFUM
193 Joshua "was a bulder of vessels and lived in Salem." Joshua BUFFUM
194 Joshua was part owner of Trask's Mill in 1730. Joshua BUFFUM
195 "On July 29, 1805, Mary was seen and conversed and was in good possession of health and faculties, at age of 100 years." Mary BUFFUM
196 "Peace Buffum and her brother, Caleb Buffum, both of whom never married, lived together until his death. They adopted their grandnephew, Caleb7 Buffum, at the age of 3, thus in about 1819. They also took Pamela Stocker, age 10, who died age 50." Peace BUFFUM
"[O]n October 29, 1638, Robert appeared at a town meeting in Salem and asked for 'accomodation," that is to say, a grant of land, which be obtained. Thomasine and her children became strong Quakers and suffered severely for their faith." 
198 "Emigration excerpt said to have been signed by Robert Buffum: '. . . to be embarqued in ye "Planter", Nicholas Trarice, master, bound for New England . . .' 1634" Robert BUFFUM
199 "Robert Buffum died August 6, 1669, and was buried in the Gardner Burying Ground. This ground was located on a hill which was cut down when Grove street in Peabody was laid out. The stone then standing was re-erected in the triangle in Harmony Grove Cemetery, near the Walnut street entrance. This rude granite stone, marked R. B., which stood at his grave is in this triangle at present. This is said to be the only monument standing which was erected to the memory of the early Quakers." Robert BUFFUM
200 "April 4, 1743, Joshua Buffum and wife Elizabeth and brother Samuel were of Salem when they deeded land to John Southwick III> Sept 12, 1743, Joshua Buffum, yeoman, and Samuel Buffum, glazier, both of Berwick, Main, deeded 3/4 acre salt marsh in Southfield to Daniel Marble of Salem. Samuel returned to Salem in 1744." Samuel BUFFUM

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