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Matches 101 to 150 of 869

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101 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F4
102 Richard and Agnes had five children, all born in England: Elias, Mary, Margaret, Anne and Elizabeth. Family: F1828
103 Richard and Elizabeth York were originally of Dover, NH. Family: F1558
104 Robert and Deborah had six children: Robert, Hannah, Deborah, John, Mary and Elizabeth. Family: F1356
105 Robert and Elizabeth came to Plymouth about 1630. Family: F1897
106 Robert Bernard was a farmer of the estate of Custrick Hall, in Wecky, County Essex, which he held of Sir Edward Coke, the lord chief justice.

Robert and Elizabeth had a daughter who married a Locke, and this daughter had a son who was the renowned English philosopher "John Locke, M. A." 
Family: F1822
107 Robert was a Scotchman who settled in Hingham, MA, around 1650. They resided on Scotland Street. Family: F1902
108 Samuel and Experience had eleven children: William, Mary, Samuel, Daniel, Seth, Hannah, Jashub, Anna, Experience, Beulah and Wing. Family: F1651
109 Samuel and Mercy had, in addition to William, eight other children all born in Plymouth, MA: Mercy (b. 1676); Samuel (b. 1677); John; Moses; Hannah; James (b. 1690); and Josiah (b. 1691). Family: F1952
110 Samuel and Sarah had, in addition to Robert and Ebenezer, eight children: Elizabeth, Estes, Philadelphia, Sarah, Ruth, Samuel, Henry and Hannah. Family: F1525
111 Savage lists an "Israel" and "Joseph" among Jeremiah and Mary's children. Family: F908
112 Simon and Annah had twelve children: Annah, Simon, Joseph, Eunice, Gracey, Abijah, James, Susanna, Martha, Prudence, Mary and Elijah, Family: F2109
113 Simon and Elizabeth had, in addition to Simon, nine other children, all born in England: William, Robert, Joan, Jeffrey, Gelyne, Agnes, Thomas, Elizabeth and John. Family: F1791
114 Simon and Joan had at least three daughters, and possibly other children. Family: F2015
115 Simon and Katherine also had three daughters, born probably about 1434-37, living unmarried 22 Dec 1463. Family: F1794
116 Stephen and Esther had, in addition to Elizabeth, four other children: Abraham, Benjamin, Esther and Stephen. Family: F1750
117 Stephen married his step-sister, Mary, since Hannah (Buffingto) Pope married 2nd, Joshua3 Buffum, father of Mary. Family: F1620
118 Sylvia's marriage to Emory is said to be on 25 Feb 1876 according to her obituary. Family: F12
119 The children of Verney and Sarah were: Verney jr., Joseph, George, William, Esther, Mahala, Lavina, Candace, Sarah and Tamah. Family: F1972
120 The fact that Thomas of London had four siblings was learned from a will left by brother John who died in Barbados.  Family: F107
121 The marriage took place at the Immanuel Church, and the ceremony was performed by Gertrude's half-brother, Rev. Aeneas Ross. Family: F1092
122 The website Descendants of Joseph Loomis has the place of the wedding at Middletown, Middlesex, CT. Family: F349
123 This is the date Mary proved her father's will. Family: F2044
124 Thomas and Jane Holbrook were of Weymouth, MA. Family: F1921
125 William and Bridget had five children born in Massachusetts: William, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin and Martha. Family: F2060
126 William and Deborah had five children: Deborah, Thomas, William, Jeremiah and Elizabeth. Family: F1649
127 William and Sarah had, in addition to William, six other children: Joshua, robert, Tamoson, Deborah, Sara and Elizabeth. Family: F1355
128 William and Sarah Sargent were of Barnstable, MA. Family: F1848
129 William and Susannah had, in addition to Susannah, had eight children: William, susannah, Phebe, Sarah, Hannah, Martha, Samuel and Benjamin. Family: F1701
130 William"came from England with wife Elizabeth, and subsequently removed to New London." Family: F967
131 Anne "was probably the Anne who was named in the will of her mother-in-law . . . as one of the four sons' wives to whom the testatri bequeathed 40d. each." Anne (Annes, Agnes)
132 Elizabeth proved Eleazar's will this date. Elizabeth
133 "In the absence of any record as to when Edmond Tilson and wife Joane left England, or arrived in New England, we can only form conclusions from the first records at Plymouth, Mass., when he applied to the court, Sept. 3, 1638, for land at Woeberry Plaine, and same year on Oct 1, the court granted him five acres."
134 Joane died at age 59. (Marmo data.) Joane
135 Johane died at age 72. (Marmo data.) Johane
136 Lydia died at age 69. (Website re Bridgewater.) Lydia
137 Margaret's undated will was proved by her son, Master John Fyske, on the same day as his father's will, 13 May 1504. Margaret
138 "In late 1738, Caleb married Mary Warren, widow of Ebenezer Warren. They were married by Rev. Samuel Dunbar. David, the NEHGS staff member, suggested that I look at Rev. DunbarŁus handwritten church records from the Parish Church in Stoughton. He glanced through them briefly and discovered that Caleb and Mary Smith had agreed to live separately and apart from one another 6 months after their marriage. The records stated that they could not live amicably with one another, and since there had been no instance of fornication, the church elders lamented their separation as a violation of ChristŁus command in Matthew 19:9. Anyway, further research is needed to determine what happened to Caleb, Sr. He was alive through 1747, but I have found no reference to him after that date. He does not appear in vital records or probate records so IŁull take a look at the Parish Records myself. (Even though Caleb and Mary might have separately permanently, their lives must have remained linked since CalebŁus daughter, Rachel Smith, married MaryŁus son, Benjamin Warren, only a few weeks after their parents married one another!)"

Clarance M. Smith email dated 10/24/06. 
139 Henry's widow MARY brought her sons to New England, and was a resident of Dedham, Massachusetts Nov 20, 1646, on which date she relinquished her interest in a parcel of land belonging to the Manor of Benacre Hall, Suffolk, England. "Americana" Vol. 26, P. 111 & 127. Mary
140 Mary "was admitted on September 9, 1770, to the Westford Congregatinal Church at Ashford." Mary
141 Sarah was executrix who proved Geoffrey's will 25 Nov 1628. Sarah
142 John's will was dated 15 Nov 1464, and provided in part: "If all my sons die before the age of twenty-four [the age at which each was to receive one-third of the lands], then my wife Agnes shall have the lands for her life, and after her death they shall be sold and the money shall be employed to provide a chantry priest to sing and pray in the church of Selling for the space of two years, the residue to be expended in charity for the poor of Selling and for the souls of my father and mother and all the faithful departed." John at HECCHE (HATCH)
143 "Widow of William Parker." Alice (UNK) PARKER
144 Elizabeth was "widow of Benjamin Smythe." Elizabeth (UNK) SMYTHE
145 "'Tamoson Buffum' -- This Christian name is a corruption of Thomasine. It is variously spelled in early records. The complier prefers to concur with Walter N Buffum, the writer, with the spelling "Tamoson", because that is the way Joshua Buffum spells the name (his mother's) in his account book . . ."! For the sake of consistency this form, "Tamoson", has been assigned to the wife of Robert Buffum and all bearing the name through the third generation. Thereafter the best evidence is that those who possessed the name used the shorter form, Tamson." Tamoson (Thomasine) (WARD) THOMPSON
146 Nickname of Maggie came from complaint in Benedict v. Rue, et al. Margaret ALLEN
147 David E Ross has the Bible dated 1846. Adaline AMY
148 Hannah came with her parents to Hingham in or before 1635 from Devonshire, England. Hannah ANDREWS
149 Thomas was "of Cheselbourne, Dorset, England." (Comstock Book, p. 6) Thomas ARNOLD
150 "Deborah and family came to New England with her father, Rev. Stephen Bachiler, in 1632 aboard the WILLIAM AND FRANCIS. . . When the gentlewoman Deborah and her four half-grown sons, landed with their grandsire Bachiler at Boston in June 1632, they were unusual emigrants. They came from gentle English homes; they had lived at Hamburg, at Middleburgh, at the Hague, and in London; they had crossed seas before; they had been nurtured in the very cradle of English Protestantism; they were protestants against the English Church themselves; they were such notable arrivals that Governor Winthrop himself makes mention of their coming in his diary." Deborah BACHILER

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